Hänsel und Gretel

7 December 2022 - 16 December 2022
18:00 - 21:00
Högskolan för Scen och Musik, Göteborg

Students from the master’s programme in opera, year two, present Engelbert Humperdinck’s classical opera Hansel and Gretel. The opera will be performed in German language. The students from the bachelor programme year 1 particepate as choir!

About the performance

What if a whole life was contained in a single fairy tale?

A fairy tale that plays out over and over until it ends the way you want it to.
With each turn you get one step closer to what you think you want. But with each turn, what you want changes and leads you in new directions. To be thrown into the dark forest and lost, is the lot of every young man. But what you find out there, and how you deal with it, is the real adventure. The goal is not to find your way out of the forest, the goal is to find yourself, in the forest.

The performance is sung in German.

  • Director: Mira Bartov
  • Scenography/costume: Leif Persson
  • Conductor: Henrik Schaefer
  • Orchestra: University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra


  • Hansel: Anne Birgitte Bouwhuis Røkke
  • Gretel: Amelie Flink/Stephania Parlantza
  • The Mother/Witch: Katariina Poikela
  • Father: Marcus Bartoletti
  • Sand/Taumännchen: Stephania Parlantza/Amelie Flink



Music under the Appeltree: Trio Min Trio

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